29/1/10 -Frankie Update 5

Second post op check this morning with Frankie’s eyes seem to be healing. He must be feeling well as he now does not like to co-operate when it comes to eye things these days. Dr Rachael Grundon was unable to get a really good look at his eyes as he did the typical puggy snot and sneeze at her and would not hold his head still long enough. From what she saw the grafted eye looks like it is healing and the prolapsed iris looks to be holding and healing. His eyes are less swollen and, despite the tacking sutures, he is holding them open to see the world. So the thought is that no further surgery should be necessary.

25/1/10 -Frankie Update 4

Post op check today with Animal Eye Care was half good half ok.

The grafted eye looks fine. 

The stitched eye (the worst one) has had the iris prolapse again, because some of internal stitches didn’t hold. Good news is the prolapse looks to be holding and the eye looks a whole lot helathier and less swollen (less odema) and blood vessels are growing into the damage. Therefore, we will hold off more surgery and see what the body can do to mend itself. Recheck on Friday morning and if needed, the eye is more viable, so a graft would be a possibility. So right now the eye is very savable.

Now if we can just stop him waggling his butt and wanting to play every time weI take him out to the toilet.

On the mange side of things we think he is smelling less so that is a good sign that we are getting on top of the secondary infection.

23/1/10 -Frankie Update 3

Frankie had emergency surgery on his eyes today.  One of his corneal ulcers had perforated with the iris prolapsing and the other was not healing very well.  Both eyes were swollen to an unhealthy state.  

The wonderful Dr Rachael Grundon and Dr Anu O’ Reilly and support team at Animal Eye Care gave up their Saturday evening  to performing a sliding corneo graft on Frankie’s left eye.  They would have liked to have performed a graft on his right eye but due to it being to swollen were only able to poke the prolapsed iris back through, removed some of the fluid causing the swelling, stitch up the hole in the cornea and perform a third eye lid closure.

Frankie is well, despite his mange, and has a good strong heart and a massive will to live.  Because of this we went through with the surgery as we want to give this little boy every chance to have his eyesight saved.

21/1/10 -Frankie Update 1

Frankie has corneal ulcers in both eyes so saw the wonderful Chloe at Animal Eye Care yesterday.  He has a deep corneal ulcer, that could perforate, in his right eye and a shallow infected one in his left eye.  He is now on a miriad of constant eye drops, ointments and antibiotics to prevent surgery.

Dermcare have so kindly donated Frankie some Malaseb Shampoo and Aloveen Conditoner.

We are upping his new  mange drug, Moxidectine, to the theraputic dosage as he has shown no adverse side effects to the non theraputic dosage.

Thank you to all of those who have so generously donated to the ‘Frankie Fund’.

18/1/10 – Frankie arrives at PUG RESCUE & ADOPTION VICTORIA INC.

Our beautiful boy Frankie came into Pug Rescue & Adoption Victoria Inc.’s care yesterday.

He is only 6 months old and has a very bad case of generalised demodex mange, that will take many months and lots of love to treat.

Despite the obvious discomfort this little boy is still an absolute sweety and deserves a chance to live. He waggles his tail for attention, loves cuddles, tries to play with toys and knows he is ment to toilet outside.

He smells to high heaven and obviously has very sore and crusty skin.

We have set up a ‘Frankie Fund’ to help with costs for his treatment. If anyone is able to help you can donate directly into the rescues bank account:
BSB – 033372
Account – 393694