25/1/10 -Frankie Update 4

Post op check today with Animal Eye Care was half good half ok.

The grafted eye looks fine. 

The stitched eye (the worst one) has had the iris prolapse again, because some of internal stitches didn’t hold. Good news is the prolapse looks to be holding and the eye looks a whole lot helathier and less swollen (less odema) and blood vessels are growing into the damage. Therefore, we will hold off more surgery and see what the body can do to mend itself. Recheck on Friday morning and if needed, the eye is more viable, so a graft would be a possibility. So right now the eye is very savable.

Now if we can just stop him waggling his butt and wanting to play every time weI take him out to the toilet.

On the mange side of things we think he is smelling less so that is a good sign that we are getting on top of the secondary infection.