23/1/10 -Frankie Update 3

Frankie had emergency surgery on his eyes today.  One of his corneal ulcers had perforated with the iris prolapsing and the other was not healing very well.  Both eyes were swollen to an unhealthy state.  

The wonderful Dr Rachael Grundon and Dr Anu O’ Reilly and support team at Animal Eye Care gave up their Saturday evening  to performing a sliding corneo graft on Frankie’s left eye.  They would have liked to have performed a graft on his right eye but due to it being to swollen were only able to poke the prolapsed iris back through, removed some of the fluid causing the swelling, stitch up the hole in the cornea and perform a third eye lid closure.

Frankie is well, despite his mange, and has a good strong heart and a massive will to live.  Because of this we went through with the surgery as we want to give this little boy every chance to have his eyesight saved.