26/3/10 -Frankie Update 11

Frankie saw his vet, Kent from Knox Vet clinic, today.  Another skin scraping was performed and there were no mites to be found. 

 After two months of treatment with antibiotics Frankie has no signs of infection. Antibiotics have now been discontinued.  We will continue with the daily dose of 1.8ml of Moxidectine orally for at least the next two months. 

The daily Cyclosporine eye drops also seem to be doing their job. The pigmentary keratitis (brown scarring caused by the eye injuries) in both of Frankie’s eyes has not spread and may even be decreasing. 

In two months time we will reassess Frankie’s health.  At this time we will make a decision about when he can be desexed and have his eye openings reduced, which will help prevent any further injuries occuring to his eyes .

Eastern Regional Pet Expo-Sunday 28th March

Come and meet some of our current rescue pugs, who will delight you with their waggling tails and puggy snuffles. 

This coming Sunday, the 28th of March,   PUG RESCUE & ADOPTION VICTORIA INC.  will be having a stall at Knox City Council’s 4th Annual Eastern Regional Pet Expo.   As well as our delightful pugs, we will have information about pugs and our organisation.   Pugnalia merchandise will also be available for purchase.

 – Sunday 28th of March

– Ferntree Gully Recreation Reserve, Brenock Park Drive, Ferntree Gully  

–  10:00am  till 4:00pm

For more information please visit Knox City Council’s Website

18/3/10 -Frankie Update 10

Frankie skin and eyes continue to improve. He still has scabs/injuries across the top part of his head that may never regrow hair, due to his skin being to damaged. But this boy has proven so many people wrong over the past two months that anything is possible.

Frankie is an absolutely delightful, 8 month old, young man who is learning to be a lovely pug with the help of his older puggy friends.

See more photos and follow Frankie’s journey on our Facebook page (you do not have to be a Facebook member to view our page or photos)

3/3/10 -Frankie Update 9

Frankie is continuing to grow hair and his eyes also continuing to heal. Along with his new hair and healing eyes he gains an extra dose of naughtiness each day. Pulling on pants legs, stealing doorstops, chewing up newspaper, hanging off curtains and digging holes in the garden beds. When he is not busy being naughty he likes to lap up his daily cup of China Jasmine Green Tea.

Last week Frankie saw his vet who performed another skin scraping in which there was only one dead mite.  He also visited his eye specalist who has now prescribed some cyclosporin drops to try and reduce some of the pigmentary keratitis (brown scaring) which has formed due to the eye injuries.

To see Frankie’s progress in photos check him out on our Facebook Page. (You don’t have to be a Facebook member to view the page or photos)