It is a very difficult decision but we understand that from time to time for many different reasons people may need to surrender their pug in the hope that it can be found a new home.

PUG RESCUE & ADOPTION VICTORIA INC. is here to help by taking care of and finding a new loving forever home for, your pug regardless of the pug’s age or condition.

We accept ANY pug regardless of there age, history, medical condition.

Confidentiality is assured with no one will ever know where the pug has come from.  We service the whole of Victoria with interstate enquires welcome.

If you would like to surrender a pug please email or phone us –

0488 784 497

We will get back to you.   Please understand that we are staffed by only a very small group of unpaid dedicated volunteers.


**** Please consider making a donation to help fund your surrendered pugs care and vet work.  Donate Here