It is a very difficult decision but we understand that from time to time for many different reasons people may need to surrender their pug in the hope that it can be found a new home.

PUG RESCUE & ADOPTION VICTORIA INC. is here to help by taking care of and finding a new loving forever home for, your pug regardless of the pug’s age or condition.

We try to assist ANY pug regardless of there age, history, medical condition.

Confidentiality is assured with no one will ever know where the pug has come from.  We service the whole of Victoria with interstate enquires welcome.

If you would like to surrender a pug please email  us or text 0488 794 497 with your contact details and some details of your pug including:

  • photos of your pug
  • age
  • desexed (yes or no)
  • microchipped (are they microchipped under your details or someone elses)
  • vaccinated (are they up to date with vaccinations)
  •  medical issues (do they need a dental, do they have issue with their eye sight, do they have arthritis, skin issues, ear issues etc)
  • behavioural issues (barking, anxiety, jumping, are they reactive when out walking etc)
  • how are they with other dogs?
  • how are they with children?
  • have they lived with cats
  • your name, location and contact phone number

0488 784 497

We will get back to you.   Please understand that we are staffed by only a very small group of unpaid dedicated volunteers.

**** Please consider making a donation to help fund your surrendered pugs care and vet work.  -$20 will help with worming costs   -$50 will help with transportation costs – $100 will help with vet check and vaccination -$200 will help with an eye specialist appointment -$500 will help with desexing, vaccination and microchip transfer -$800 will help with major dentals -$2,000 will help with airway surgery or luxating patella surgery  Donate Here

We generally collect the pug from you and transport them into our foster care program where they are are vet checked and behaviourally assessed.  Whilst in care their medical and behavioural needs are attended to including desexing, vaccination ,microchipping, restoring eye sight, arthritis treatment, resolving skin issues, resolving ear infections, weight loss, major dental work, orthopaedic surgery, airway surgery, learning how to be calm, learning how to socialise and interact with other pugs/dogs.

Donate Here

COVID SAFE PLAN -Transport including private surrender and pound/shelter:

  • All volunteers to stay at least 1.5 m away from others
  • All volunteers must regularly wash their hands with soap and water or use hand sanitiser
  • All volunteers must have hand sanitiser in their vehicle
  • If a volunteer is unwell, with even the mildest of symptoms, they are not to provide transport and are to self isolate and get tested for COVID
  • Volunteers are to use their own leads and collars
  • Volunteers must not enter private homes unless absolutely necessary. If they have to they must not touch any surfaces and spend a maximum of 15 minutes inside a dwelling.
  • Surrender/Release paperwork must be completed online if at all possible. If paperwork needs to be completed at the time of Surrender/Release volunteers must use their own pen.
  • Volunteers must comply to pound or shelters COVID safe plans
  • Volunteers must keep a log of locations, times and dates transport takes place