20/11/2010 -Don’t let the Victorian government shut us down!

We need your help!  You know that we are a valuable and viable part of the Victorian animal welfare system. Sadly the Victorian Government can not see our worth and  is preparing new legislation which we believe will shut down rescue organisations, such as ours, that run foster care programs. We need you to be a voice for our past, present and future pugs.
You have seen the many pugs lives we have saved and transformed.  So many of these pug would not be with us to day if our foster based rescue organisation did not exist.  Many of you remember Frankie who came to us with life threatening demodex mange in January of this year  “Frankie’s photos & story” We gave him a chance he would not have been given anywhere else.  Due to foster care and community support Frankie’s life was saved. If it’s a pug and it breaths we will take it into our care and provide it with every chance to live no matter the time or finances this may take.  Fostering saves lives.   
For more info and details on how you can help visit the Dog Rescue Association of Victoria’s website.