16/2/10 -Frankie Update 8

It is just on a month since Frankie arrive into PUG RESCUE & ADOPTION VICTORIA INC.’s care and the change in him is amazing.

He was once a very sick boy who nearly lost both of his eyes and had mite ridden, crusty and infected skin.  He now is a very naughty, cheeky puggy who has lots of dead mites.  His skin is no longer crusty or infected and his eyes are continuing to heal.

In the last week Frankie has grown hair on his head and face at an amazing rate.  There is no stopping this little puggy now.

8/2/10 -Frankie Update 7

We are winning the battle against the mites!

Frankie saw his vet today, Dr Kent Marshall at Knox Vet Clinic, who was very impressed by his progress.  A skin scraping was performed and lots of dead mites were seen under the microscope, so his mange medication is working well.  The areas that the yellow/grey crusty scale used to be on Frankie’s skin have pigmented, turned black, but the majority of this skin is not inflamed and is pefectly normal skin, apart from the colouring.

Plan is to continue with the Moxidectin (1.6ml orally daily) and Rilexine 300mg (1/2 twice daily)  and twice weekly Malaseb baths and hopefully we will see some hairgrowth soon. As well as his vet prescribed medication Frankie is on a totally raw diet of meat, bones, offal, fish, fruit and veggies.  Added to this is flaxseed oil, evening primrose oil, green tea and probiotics.

6/2/10 -Frankie Update 6

Frankie had his third eye post op check up today, with Animal Eye Care, and we are glad to report his eyes a healing really well. It took three of us to hold him still for his tacking stitches to be taken out.  But now that they are he once again has big, nearly beautiful, puggy eyes to look at us with again.

Thank you to Bev from by Kenzie Frenzy for her special parcel of gorgouse toys for Frankie. He loves his octopus, bomerang and ring.

Thank you also to all of you that have donated to Frankie’s medical bills. Without the overwhelming generosity of our friends and complete strangers we would not be able to continue our work.