8/2/10 -Frankie Update 7

We are winning the battle against the mites!

Frankie saw his vet today, Dr Kent Marshall at Knox Vet Clinic, who was very impressed by his progress.  A skin scraping was performed and lots of dead mites were seen under the microscope, so his mange medication is working well.  The areas that the yellow/grey crusty scale used to be on Frankie’s skin have pigmented, turned black, but the majority of this skin is not inflamed and is pefectly normal skin, apart from the colouring.

Plan is to continue with the Moxidectin (1.6ml orally daily) and Rilexine 300mg (1/2 twice daily)  and twice weekly Malaseb baths and hopefully we will see some hairgrowth soon. As well as his vet prescribed medication Frankie is on a totally raw diet of meat, bones, offal, fish, fruit and veggies.  Added to this is flaxseed oil, evening primrose oil, green tea and probiotics.