About Us

PUG RESCUE & ADOPTION VICTORIA INC. is community foster care network and registered animal welfare charity organisation dedicated to helping all pugs in need and other brachy breeds such as french bulldogs when possible. We are operated entirely by community unpaid dedicated volunteers who are experienced in the special needs pugs have.  We do not have a pound, shelter, kennels or even an office.  Our pugs are cared for in a network of volunteers private family homes throughout the suburbs of Melbourne, Victoria.  Find out about being a Pug Rescue Foster Carer Here

We will accept any pug and most pug like crosses into our care along with most french bulldogs and crosses or other small brachy breeds.

We find abandoned and surrendered pugs new and loving homes.  Pugs that are sick, injured or have behavioural issues are rehabilitated before going to their new homes.  All pugs are strictly vet checked, desexed, vaccinated, microchipped, wormed, deflead, heartworm tested and temperament tested before leaving our care.  Our Vets & Specialist Vets

We rely on donations to continue the work that we do.  Donate Here

We believe in a no kill policy and endeavour to rehabilitate and rehome every pug that comes into our care, no matter how long it takes.  We believe that physically disabled pugs and pugs with long term medical conditions can live happy lives with appropriate support and care. We will only humanely euthanise pugs in our care if their quality of life is greatly diminished by a non manageable or non treatable condition.

Pugs come to us from pounds, shelters, private owners and breeders.  We assure complete confidentiality for both surrendering and adopting owners.

All adoptions occur through a process of application; which includes questionnaires, telephone conversations and house/property checks.  Unfortunately not all applicants will be able to adopt one of our rescue pugs as we are very fussy to whom our pugs are rehomed to.  Our main priority is making sure every pug is perfectly matched to each new home.  We do not adopt outside the state of Victoria.

Our Purposes:

  1. To provide short term direct foster care to pug and pug like cross dogs that are orphaned, sick, injured, lost and unclaimed or mistreated.
  2. To provide, without judgment or prejudice, owners of pug and pug like cross dogs an avenue to surrender their dog when their personal circumstances have changed.
  3. To provide rehabilitation for all pug and pug like cross dogs, in our care, that are sick, injured or have behavioural issues.
  4. To de-sex, vaccinate, microchip, heartworm test, worm and de-flea (unless this is against explicit veterinary advice) pug or pug like cross dogs that are in our care.
  5. To re-home, into suitable approved homes, pug and pug like cross dogs who come into our care for any of the reasons stated in subrules (1) and (2).
  6. To raise money from private, corporate, government and public sources to provide a financial support base to carry out the activities mentioned in subrules (1), (2) ,(3),(4) & (5)
  7. To promote responsible pet ownership.
  8. To act as an animal advocate and campaign for legislative change and abolition of current common practices which lead to many companion animals being euthanased in Victoria and across Australia.
  9. To support other ethical animal welfare and animal rescue organisations.

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