KEVIN – Available for adoption!


To enquire about adopting Kevin please email with how your home and lifestyle matches his furever home wishes.   (Please include your Name, Email Address, Suburb & Phone Number & photo of your existing pug):

  • ♦Please note that due to the large volume of daily adoption enquiries we receive, our volunteers are unable to respond to adoption enquiries that clearly do not match the clearly state furever home requirements  of each available pug/dog.

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Male Fawn Desexed Pug X – (fully grown Kevin will be 6.5/7kg)
Microchip Number: #953010006595315
DOB: 09/05/2023

Pup, pup, puppy oh yes that’s me…..
Kevin is my name and I’m a very handsome special little puggy chappy….
I do the best head tilts and I’m very soft natured and inquisitive boy who likes to learn and do all the things that good puppies do…
Oh and boy do I love to play, run and wrestle too…
Especially with my sisters Mercay and little Pru…

I really love soft toys and I think my chew boney is great…
Three dinners a day I have served up in my little slow feeder bowl and as I am very smart I know I have to sit and wait….
Cuddles with foster mum are wonderful and I am always very calm and will even drift off to sleep….
Asides from my puppy play barks and excited food time noises I honestly don’t really make a peep…

I have an amazing story of how Pug Rescue rescued me….
I wasn’t even born yet and was in my 10 year old mum Suzzie’s tummy….
My mum Suzzie who was used as a breeder all her life, she was sold off and taken to a country pound a day later and Pug Rescue thankfully took her into their care and the next day an ultrasound of her tummy found me and my other litter mates….
A few weeks later I was born and an emergency C-section was preformed at Knox Vet, my mum was desexed at the same time, with five puppies delivered, two with deformities including cleft palates, meaning that I and my two sisters Mercay and Pru are the remaining survivors who have been raised in Pug Rescue foster care which has been great…

We’ve all had all had 3 vaccinations, microchip and Mercay (who is also available for adoption) and I have just been desexed…
Little Pru is staying in Pug Rescue care longer due to being diagnosed with liver shunt and requiring a CT scan and complex specialist surgery next..
My mum is going to have her dental and eyelid lump removal soon and will also be looking for a furever home but first she told me she wants to help with my furever family meet and greet and housecheck…..

So anyway I am searching for a pretty puggy girl that can hold my paw and be my best friend…
One that I can play with and snuggle with at days end…
And caring humans that will be my furever family…
And promise to love me unconditionally…
If you can offer a very special furever home to little me..
Please send Pug Rescue an enquiry….

Kevin xxx

Kevin is toilet trained on washable puppy pads and has begun to toilet outside.
Kevin sleeps in a doggy bed in his puppy penned area with his littler mate sisters.
Kevin has just started learning about lead and harness walkies.
Kevin travels in a crate in the car.

Kevin’s furever home wishes:

♥ ANOTHER PUG/PUG X– YES! Kevin adores his litter mates and his pug foster family. He loves to play and wrestle with them and of course snuggle and sleep with them. Kevin is seeking a well socalised, non reactive, healthy, fit desexed female pug/pug x up to the age of 2 as his companion.   Kevin will not be rehomed with other male pugs/dogs.  Kevin will not be rehomed as a single pug. Kevin will not be rehomed with a much older pug/dog.
♥ HUMANS – Kevin is seeking humans that can show him positive leadership and teach him everything a puppy needs to be taught to set them up for a long happy life. Kevin needs humans that will make a 14+ year commitment to him
♥KIDS – Maybe.  Kevin may be fine with children who are respectful to dogs. Kevin would prefer a family that has already completed their family.
♥FENCING – Kevin as with all of our pugs requires secure brick, timber or colourbond fencing.
♥CATS – Unsure. 
♥EXERCISE – Once Kevin is fully grown he will require at least a 30 minute walk a day plus play times.
♥WORKING HOURS – Not suitable for homes where he would be left without humans for 6+ hours a day on a regular basis.
♥Kevin absolutely requires air-condition.
♥Access to the inside of his house 24/7 and an indoor bed. 
♥HOUSE & YARD SIZE/TYPE – Kevin may be fine in a house/townhouse with a smaller yard but does need somewhere to do zoomies.

Medical notes:

  • Kevin has undergone 3 x puppy vaccinations and 5 x health checks at Knox Vet.
  • Kevin has undergone desexing at Knox Vet.
  • Kevin may or may not require BOAS surgery when he is older. If he does we would ask that his adopters have this preformed with our specialist at Geelong Animal Referral Services
  • Kevin is microchipped & has been regularly wormed.