HUNTER – Available for adoption!


To enquire about adopting Hunter please email with how your home and lifestyle matches his furever home wishes.   (Please include your Name, Email Address, Suburb & Phone Number):

  • ♦Please note that due to the large volume of daily adoption enquiries we receive, our volunteers are unable to respond to adoption enquiries that clearly do not match the clearly state furever home requirements  of each available pug/dog.

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Male Brindle Desexed Pug X Pomeranian 
Microchip Number: #956000008921236
DOB:  27/11/2012 5kg 

Hello is it me you are searching for?
The mythical pug x pom gentleman with tiny little paws….
Whilst my hair may be…
A bit fluffy and crazy….
Underneath I’m only a tiny guy who can be both a laid back lad and a cheeky bloke too….
A furever home who will adore me would make my dreams come true…

Shake, shake, shake…..
Hunter thinks fluffy soft toys are rather great……
Tug of war or chasey with his pug foster siblings is fun…
So is having cuddles with foster dad and mum….
Chew, chew, chew……
Hunter says chew toy bones are great too….

Hunter isn’t that impressed with other boy doggies and either ignores them or becomes a tough little man…..
And cats he can’t really stand….
As you have to be sassy when you are just 5kg…
But girl doggies he absolutely adores… 
Cuddling with, sniffing, kissing, wrestling and tapping with his tiny paws….

Out walking Hunter struts and in the car he grins……
As getting to go on adventures is very exciting…..
He thrives with routine….
And understands what sit, wait, out, in and go to bed mean….

Ending up at a pound/shelter not in a good way……
Thanks to Pug Rescue for helping me his little face seems to say….
Desexed and a major dental complete….
Hip and hind leg xrays, blood tests, tear duct flush, antibiotics for kennel cough and his extremely stenotic nares (nostrils) now widened he can now breath through his nose which he thanks Dr Laura at Knox Vet for heaps…
We thought that we had found Hunter a perfect home but through no fault of his own that we can work out he was returned into our care and settled into his foster home just fine….
His foster family especially his foster dad thinks he’s just divine.. 
Unfortunately a diet of soft supermarket food during his time away has meant Hunter has had to undergo another major dental at Knox Vet with lots of tartar and three teeth taken out…
Hunter says it’s ok he can still perfectly pout….  

Hunter says he is a perfect size to scoop up to sit on your lap……
And being loved along with cuddles make him a happy chap…..
He hopes there is a wonderful home searching for a little guy like him….
And guarantees he will make you laugh and grin……


Hunter is a very little boy.
Hunter is crate trained and will happily sleep on a soft doggy bed with another dog or in a crate with another dog. Hunter is now toilet trained but in a new situation may have accidents
Hunter is fine at walking on a lead and harness.
Hunter will sit and wait and sit and wait until told it’s ok to eat.

Hunter’s furever home wishes:

♥ OTHER DOG – YES! Hunter will not be rehomed as a single dog.  He has always had a female doggy companion.   He must have a home with a desexed, well trained and very well socialised outgoing but non reactive healthy fit female small dog that looks similar to him aged between approx 8 to 10 years old.  He is not suited to being an only dog and not suited to being placed with another male dog nor with another breed of dog that is very different to himself or much larger than himself. 
♥HUMANS – Hunter is seeking humans that can love him and provide him with regular baths, face wipes and brushes.  He also needs humans that can provide him with good leadership and that also.
♥KIDS – Hunter is not suitable for homes that have young children or that  will have future young children. 15+ children are fine.    
♥FENCING -Hunter requires secure brick, timber or colourbond fencing.
♥CATS – No!  Hunter is not suited to a home with cats.
♥EXERCISE – Hunter requires regular walks and outings.  At least 15 minute walks daily.
♥WORK HOURS – Not suitable for homes where he would be left without humans for 6+ hours a day on a regular basis.
♥Access to the inside of his house 24/7 and an indoor bed.
♥HOUSE & YARD SIZE/TYPE: Hunter would be fine in a home with a smaller yard or courtyard.

Medical notes:

Hunter has undergone widening of his nares (nostrils), tear duct flush and hip & knee xrays at Knox Vet Clinic.
Hunter has undergone desexing & a major dental.
Hunter has undergone full bloods.
Hunter is desexed, C5 vaccinated, is microchipped & up to date with his worming & flea prevention. Hunter has very mild hind leg arthritis.