NINJA – Available for adoption!


To enquire about adopting Ninja please email with how your home and lifestyle matches her furever home wishes.   (Please include your Name, Email Address, Suburb & Phone Number):

  • ♦Please note that due to the large volume of daily adoption enquiries we receive, our volunteers are unable to respond to adoption enquiries that clearly do not match the clearly state furever home requirements  of each available pug/dog.

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Female Fawn/Apricot Desexed Pug X Terrier
Microchip Number: #956000003124881
DOB: 25/11/2013

Happy little Miss Ninja is all go, go, go….
She says she is a pug x terrier in case you didn’t know….
A little pocket rocket full of joy who loves strutting around with her smiley face always on show…

Where are the toys to play with?….
Better run to the toybox quick….
And pull not just one but ten or more out….
And carry them around showing off, toss them everywhere and shake them all about…..

Ninja arrived into Pug Rescue care from a shelter having been bred with and being passed through several homes meaning she had a turbulent past life…..…
Asides from her horrible UTI, ear infections, rotting mouth and teeth, being overweight and being undesexed her breathing was absolutely horrendous and causing her much strife….
We told Ninja, that despite her being an older girl, we would work through all the vet care and surgery she needed and turn her life from wrong to right…

Firstly it was off Knox Vet for tests and antibiotic to successfully treat Ninja’s horrible UTI and infected ears, desexing and a major dental to remove many dead and rotted teeth from her mouth..
Even with weight loss (she was 7.5kg and is now 5.5kg) Ninja still made really terrible obstructed airway noises constantly trying to breathe in and out….
So specialist BOAS airway surgery by Dr Alex from MARS at Patterson Village Vet – folded palatoplasty to shorten and thin her soft palate, tonsillectomy and widening of her nares (nostrils) was done…
And boy has the surgery improved Ninja’s life dramatically with her now hardly making any noise breathing when she walks, plays or runs….
Ninja is now fit as a fiddle and as healthy as can be…..
And did we mention she is seriously so happy….

Ninja has learnt to be sociable with other doggies and share…
Whilst in Pug Rescue foster care…
We think there might be a little boy pug x terrier or terrier that could be her life long friend but Ninja says she would also be fine being a spoilt single girl and being treated as queen of her furever home and family…
And promises that anyone who adopts her she would make them laugh every day and fill their lives with glee….

Along with a love of soft toys Ninja really likes to play fetch, go for walkies and off lead adventure walks are so much fun….
She can sit and wait, paw touch, roll over, dance around and likes to nap in the sun…
To relax Ninja likes to curl up in a doggy bed, sit on the couch observing and will quite happily perch herself on a humans knee….
Ninja is a delightful little girl who is always waggling her whole body with glee….
Now that she has had all of her vet work done and finished her rehab Ninja wonders if anyone wants to make her dreams come true and furever adopt me?


Ninja sleeps on an indoor doggy bed or in a crate which she is very happy to go into.
Ninja is toilet trained but may mark in a new home to start off with.
Ninja walks great on a lead and harness (is non reactive) and is fine in the car. Ninja can recall with treats.
Ninja knows how to sit and wait and wait until told it’s ok to eat, she also knows how to do “paw” and roll over.
Ninja doesn’t like possums in her yard and will yell (bark) at them.

Ninja’s furever home wishes:

♥ OTHER DOG – Not necessary. Ninja would be fine as a single dog or with a submissive male desexed terrier x. She currently lives with other pugs and generally is fine with them but will sometimes, due to her terrier nature, try to dominant and stand over other dogs she deems as being dominate or being worked up. If distracted or told to stop she will and she generally is a very sociable girl.
♥ HUMANS – Ninja is seeking humans that can provide her with good leadership. She is extremely responsive and smart and loves attention.
♥KIDS – Ninja is suited to a home with school aged children.
♥FENCING – Ninja requires secure brick, timber or colourbond fencing.
♥CATS – No we don’t think Ninja is not suited to a home with cats and absolutely not suited to a home with small pocket pets.
♥EXERCISE – Ninja is go, go, go and loves her walks and adventures and requires at least a 15 to 20 minute walk a day. She also will play with her toys for quite a few hours a day.
♥WORKING HOURS – Not suitable for homes where she would be left without humans for 6+ hours a day on a regular basis.
♥Ninja absolutely requires air-condition.
♥Access to the inside of her house 24/7 and an indoor bed.
♥HOUSE & YARD SIZE/TYPE: Ninja needs a home with a larger yard as she has a typical terrier yappy bark. If she has access to inside her house 24/7 this will not be an issue.

Medical notes:

Ninja has lost 2kg. She was 7.5kg and is now 5.5kg
Ninja has undergone specialist airway surgery by Dr Alex of Melbourne Animal Referral Services (folded palatoplasty to trim and reduce the thickness of her soft palate, widening of her nares/nostrils and tonsillectomy)
Ninja has undergone UTI treatment, ear infection treatment, desexing and a major dental at Knox Vet.
Ninja is desexed, C5 vaccinated, is microchipped & up to date with her worming & flea prevention.