WALLY – Available for adoption!


To enquire about adopting Wally please email with how your home and lifestyle matches his furever home wishes.   (Please include your Name, Email Address, Suburb & Phone Number & photo of your existing pug): info@pugrescue.org.au

  • ♦Please note that due to the large volume of daily adoption enquiries we receive, our volunteers are unable to respond to adoption enquiries that clearly do not match the clearly state furever home requirements  of each available pug/dog.

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Male Fawn Desexed ANKC Pedigree Pug – 8.3kg
Microchip Number: #953010001347402
DOB: 10/11/2016

Hello I’m Wally…..
I can do perfect head tilts, I have beautiful wrinkles and I’m very handsome as you can see….
Pug Rescue has really helped me…
And after lots of care, vet and specialist work, training and 3.7kg weight loss (I was 12kg now I am 8.3kg) I’m ready to be adopted yippy…


I really love soft toys and like to pick them up and shaking them…
With my puggy mates I also like playing zoomies and wrestle mania…
I’m very interested in learning about everything…
As I lived a bit of sheltered life previously and am still learning…
I’m quite a gentle boy but that doesn’t mean I don’t get excited at dinner or walkies time….
But I know how to follow instructions including how to sit and wait and I settle down just fine…
I used to be a bit scared about stuff and didn’t know how to be handled but Pug Rescue have helped me overcome my worries in no time….

I underwent my vaccination, a major dental, ear infection treatment and was also desexed by Dr Laura at Knox Vet when I arrived into care…
My breathing wasn’t very good and my soft pallet was really blocking my airways meaning I was struggling to get in air…
So Dr Ricky and the Geelong Animal Referral Services Service Team performed BOAS “Brachycephalic Obstructive Airway Syndrome” surgery on me involving a folded palatoplasty to thin and trim my very long and thick soft palate, a tonsillectomy to remove my big tonsils and widened my extremely stenotic nostrils/nares…
I was crated rested and was fed soft food and meds for a few weeks to heal up…..
And now my breathing has greatly improved and I’m like a new pup…

WALLY’S BEFORE & AFTER BOAS SUGERY PHOTOS: https://www.facebook.com/PugRescueVic/posts/pfbid0DWPzD6iuwUwXd7VZHkw7bPawu9ouVavzMsrDKSJrisr3nVsQCKugDkJjAghEViu4l

WALLY BEING HAND FED AFTER BOAS SURGERY: https://www.facebook.com/reel/883964849491439

So if anyone has a pretty puggy girl that can be my friend…
That I can play with and snuggle with at days end…
I am the handsome puggy boy that can complete your family…
And promise to love you unconditionally…
If you can offer a furever home to me..
Please send Pug Rescue an enquiry….

Wally xxx

Wally is toilet trained but may have accidents in a new home to begin with.
Wally is happy to sleep in a crate with another pug or a doggy bed with another pug.
Wally is now great walking on a lead and harness and does not pull and is not reactive.
Wally is fine in a crate in the car.

Wally’s furever home wishes:

♥ ANOTHER PUG – YES! Wally has previously lived with a female pug and lives with other pugs in his foster home.  Wally is a lovely fit boy who loves to play and wrestle and is seeking a similar aged healthy female small desexed pug (between 5 to 7 years) who is well socalised as a companion.   Wally will not be rehomed with other male pugs/dogs.  Wally will not be rehomed as a single pug. Wally will not be rehomed with another breed of dog.
♥ HUMANS – Wally is seeking humans that can show him positive leadership.  Wally can never be made by his humans to become overweight again!!!!
♥KIDS – Yes.  Wally would be fine with older school aged children who are respectful to dogs. He absolutely loves toys so may pinch any kids toys laying around.
♥FENCING – Wally as with all of our pugs requires secure brick, timber or colourbond fencing.
♥CATS – Unsure but we think he would be fine with docile cats. 
♥EXERCISE – Wally requires at least a 20 minute walk a day plus play times.
♥WORKING HOURS – Not suitable for homes where he would be left without humans for 6+ hours a day on a regular basis.
♥Wally absolutely requires air-condition.
♥Access to the inside of his house 24/7 and an indoor bed. 
♥HOUSE & YARD SIZE/TYPE – Wally may be fine in a house/townhouse with a smaller yard but does need somewhere to do zoomies.

Medical notes:

  • Wally has undergone desexing and vaccination at Knox Vet.
  • Wally has undergone a major dental at Knox Vet.
  • Wally has undergone ear infection treatment at Knox Vet.
  • Wally has undergone specialist airway surgery by Dr Ricky of Geelong Animal Referral Services (folded palatoplasty to trim and reduce the thickness of his soft palate, widening of his nares/nostrils and tonsillectomy)
  • Wally has lost kg+
  • Wally is desexed, C5 vaccinated, is microchipped & up to date with his worming & flea prevention.