LOCO – Available for adoption!


To enquire about adopting Loco please email with how your home and lifestyle matches her furever home wishes.   (Please include your Name, Email Address, Suburb & Phone Number & photo of your existing dog): info@pugrescue.org.au

  • ♦Please note that due to the large volume of daily adoption enquiries we receive, our volunteers are unable to respond to adoption enquiries that clearly do not match the clearly state furever home requirements  of each available pug/dog.

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Female Fawn Desexed French Bulldog x Pug – 11.5kg
Microchip Number: #956000011105586
DOB: 16/12/2019

Miss Loco is my name…
I’m a frenchie x pug and goofing around and having fun is my game…
I can run very fast and jump very high through the air….
I love all types of toys and love playing tug of war and to shaking them everywhere….
Playing with other doggies is great and with my current foster frenchie friends I happily share…
I may be the size of boxer puppy but I love to sit on laps….
And yep I can be held in your arms like a baby having a nap….
Oh I know how to sit, drop, wait and shake paws as I am very smart girl….
I will stare at you with my big loving eyes and waggle my funny tail curl….

I’m well and truly recovered from my vet work at Knox Vet Clinic which included a nose job (nostril widening), vaccination and desexing spay…
My nose job turned out well yay….

Pug Rescue says that whilst I’m still working on a few of my fear based behavioural quirks that I have from being a pandemic pup..
I’m only 2 &1/2 so lockdown was basically all of when I was growing up…
My quirks shouldn’t prevent me being an amazing edition to a furever home as I learn really fast and I am a big sook…
I do a great job out on training walks and have learnt not to pull and instead of being afraid of people and wanting to yell hello at them I get yummy treats…
And told I’m a good girl and sweet…..

I like running around the house and garden and relaxing in bed…
And watching tv whilst having someone pat my tummy and head…
So anyway…
If I sound like the girl for you send an adoption enquiry my way… 

Loco xxx

  • Loco currently sleeps in a crate quite happily with a French bulldog.
  • Loco now walks well on a lead, harness & martingale. Loco is toilet trained.
  • Loco will sit, drop, wait and shake paws.

Loco’s furever home wishes:

♥ OTHER DOG – Yes! Loco needs a male companion dog that is similar to a frenchie x pug, pug x, possibly a staffy or similar looking dog to herself.  She has always lived with other dogs and has previously lived with staffies and currently is in foster with frenchies.  Loco is not suited to being paired with pure pugs as she is not a pug and is much bigger!     Her male dog companion should be a desexed, well trained and well socialised, non reactive or barky, non dominant, calm, healthy weight (between 10kg to 12kg aged between approx 2 to 4 years.  Loco enjoys the companionship as well as playing wrestling and chasey with other dogs.  Loco is not suited to being placed with another female dog nor with a dog that is very different to herself.   
♥ HUMANS – Loco is seeking humans that understand that she’s a big lovable strong goof and can provide her with strong leadership.  She is responsive to being shown the correct way to do things and thrives with routine. She is extremely smart and understands instructions. 
♥KIDS – Loco is a very soft natured girl but she is like a puppy boxer in both strength and ability to leap around hence why we would suggest older teenager kids for her.  
♥ FENCING – Loco can jump very high and is most likely capable of scaling fencing that has horizontal beams.  She requires secure brick or colourbond fencing that is at least 6ft and doesn’t have anything leaning up/right up against it. 
♥CATS – No!  Loco has lived with a cat before that she grew up with but we feel that in a new home she would try to chase and annoy a cat/s.
♥EXERCISE – Loco requires at least a 30+ minute walk a day.
♥WORKING HOURS: Not suitable for homes where she would be left without humans for 6+ hours a day on a regular basis.
♥Loco absolutely requires air-condition.
♥Loco requires access to the inside of her house 24/7.  
♥HOUSE & YARD TYPE/SIZE: Loco needs a home with a medium yard to large yard. She is not suited to townhouses/units as she will bark at noises a massive bark.   Loco would also prefer a home without possums residing in the garden. 

Medical notes:

  • Loco has undergone desexing, vaccination and widening of her nares (nostrils) at Knox Vet Clinic.
  • Loco is desexed, C5 vaccinated, is microchipped & up to date with her worming & flea prevention.