3/3/10 -Frankie Update 9

Frankie is continuing to grow hair and his eyes also continuing to heal. Along with his new hair and healing eyes he gains an extra dose of naughtiness each day. Pulling on pants legs, stealing doorstops, chewing up newspaper, hanging off curtains and digging holes in the garden beds. When he is not busy being naughty he likes to lap up his daily cup of China Jasmine Green Tea.

Last week Frankie saw his vet who performed another skin scraping in which there was only one dead mite.  He also visited his eye specalist who has now prescribed some cyclosporin drops to try and reduce some of the pigmentary keratitis (brown scaring) which has formed due to the eye injuries.

To see Frankie’s progress in photos check him out on our Facebook Page. (You don’t have to be a Facebook member to view the page or photos)