26/3/10 -Frankie Update 11

Frankie saw his vet, Kent from Knox Vet clinic, today.  Another skin scraping was performed and there were no mites to be found. 

 After two months of treatment with antibiotics Frankie has no signs of infection. Antibiotics have now been discontinued.  We will continue with the daily dose of 1.8ml of Moxidectine orally for at least the next two months. 

The daily Cyclosporine eye drops also seem to be doing their job. The pigmentary keratitis (brown scarring caused by the eye injuries) in both of Frankie’s eyes has not spread and may even be decreasing. 

In two months time we will reassess Frankie’s health.  At this time we will make a decision about when he can be desexed and have his eye openings reduced, which will help prevent any further injuries occuring to his eyes .